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Join us at our third workshop 13th March 2017

Our third workshop will take place on 13th March 2017 11-4 at the Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds. It will focus on marketing, regulation and the evidence base in wound care. Speakers include Alison Hopkins (Why are we not using evidence of best practice in Leg Ulcer care?”), Jo Dumville ( ‘Rise of the machines’: widespread clinical use and lack of RCT evidence for negative pressure wound therapy), Tim Goodacre ( a plastic surgeon’s perspective on wound care), Delia Smith and Kay Walker (on public involvement in wound care research and PURSUN UK) and Claire Jones ( ‘Medicine Sells: A Brief History of Consumer Cultures in Modern Healthcare’). Lunch is provided. Please contact Becky Mears R.Mears@leeds.ac.uk if you would like to attend. We have spaces for health professionals involved in wound care, people from industry, historians, sociologists, people in the medical humanities and for patients/service users. Please do let people know. There are some funds to meet travel costs.

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Check out these blogs arising from workshop 1

Our first workshop was a catalyst for two blogs from presenters at the workshops.

This from Barry Doyle checks out his assertion in the workshop that mid-twentieth century hospitals were run on a daily basis by women with doctors playing only a small part in the quotidian life of the institution https://t.co/7tyvI5fGLt

This from the ‘Forged by Fire’ project team describes Jonathon Reniarz’s exploration at the workshop of the way in which burns have been conceptualised by health professionals over approximately the last two hundred years. https://forgedbyfiresite.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/burns-evolving-wound/


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Panel discussion at the British Science Festival 2016

british-science-festival-swanseaAs part of the Dressed to impress: caring for wounds panel at the British Science Festival in Swansea on 9th September 2016, Mary Madden and Andrea Nelson and Gwyn Tudor CEO of MediWales discussed how new products in wound care are developed and whether they really meet our needs. The panel was chaired by James Stark. Mary Madden was interviewed by Richard Hollingham for the festival X-change show and Andrea Nelson was nominated as the President of the Medical Section by the British Science Association

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Working with Artists

We will have a number of visual artists helping us record the discussions taking place at our 3 workshops.

Jessie White: An experimental designer and maker

Tom Bailey: A graphic Artist

James Holton: from Big Blue Whale Creative Media

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