Exploring Histories and Futures of Innovation in Advanced Wound Care


Objects from the Thackray collection and milestones in the wounds timeline Catherine Robins, Mary Madden, James Stark

Protecting and healing the physical wound: control of wound infection in the First World War Christine Hallett

The ‘noble work’ of ‘abominable looking creatures’: (re)making maggots for wound care, 1917-1930 Mathew Andrews    

What is ‘advanced’ (in advanced wound care)? Peter Vowden.

Update from designer in residence Jessie White

What do wound care technologies mean and does it matter? Alex Faulkner.

Reflections on changes in objects and techniques used by a Tissue viability Nurse and relationships with these Tina Chambers.

Can bioengineering solutions for wound prevention ever be translated into a clinical setting? Dan Bader

Wound care memes, why some ideas stick and why some don’t James Lavan

A summative reflection drawing on the sociology of science and technology Andrew Webster.

Discussion focused on the science, technologies/materials and techniques used in wound care and our relationships with these. When do these enter the field? Which have resulted, and are resulting, in products and processes that provide better outcomes for patients? What distinguishes a ‘good’ innovation from a ‘bad’ innovation? Should we be revisiting old technologies and techniques in new ways?

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