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Workshop 3

The third workshop exploring innovation in wound care in the wider context of the history and sociology of wound care took place on 13th March 2017 at Thackray Medical Museum. Leeds. This workshop focused on the marketing and regulation of innovation in advanced wound care and its role in the UK ‘medical marketplace’. In particular, we asked whether health professionals and service users have the information to distinguish grounded claims for products from irrelevant truths and misinformation.


Setting the marketing, evidence and regulation scene
Mary Madden

Objects from the Thackray collection
Catherine Robins, Alan Humphries, James Stark,  Mary Madden

Medicine Sells: A Brief History of Consumer Cultures in Modern Healthcare
Claire Jones

‘Wound care for all’, Update from  Designer in Residence
Jessie White

Why are we not using evidence of best practice in LU care?
Alison Hopkins

A Plastic Surgeon's Perspective
Tim Goodacre 

Rise of the machines: does evidence support the use of negative pressure wound therapy for complex wounds?
Jo Dumville

Public involvement and PURSUN UK
Delia Muir and Kay Walker


What does it mean for a wound care device to ‘work’?

Is the required risk/evidence ratio set too low or too high?

Is it true that evidence requirements cause device development not to happen and if so, is this good reason for lowering evidence requirements?

Are the answers to wound care uncertainties researchable or are they too difficult/expensive and who should pay for the research needed?